early intervention in autism 

supervision, consultancy & training

Online resources for families and professionals 
working with young children (0-6) 
on the autism spectrum.

professionals, teams & institutions


Systemic-analytic consultations for professionals, teams or entire institutions, which offer pedagogical or therapeutic services to young children (0-6) on the autism spectrum and their families.


Systemic-analytic supervision for clinicians, therapists and mental health practitioners working in the field of early intervention in autism.
(common foci: video intervention, therapeutic relationship, reciprocal play, emotion regulation, stereotypical behaviour, aggression, eating disorders)


my:PART is an online course designed specifically for people who accompany young autistic children; as assistants, carers or additional attachment figures in families, day-care settings, Kindergarten or during transition into school. 

seminars & webinars

Seminars, webinars and workshops focusing on video intervention therapy techniques and early child development.
An interdisciplinary approach that enriches counselling and therapy offered to parents of young autistic children or that can be applied in wider systemic work with family groups.

parents & families

online consultation for parents

Consultations for families with young children (0-6) on the autism spectrum. Together we identify specific issues that lead to challenges or conflicts in everyday life. We work in a solution-focussed way and tailor interventions to the individual needs of your family. 
I look forward to getting to know you.

about me

Nicolas Krueckeberg MA

For more than 25 years, I have been committed to working with families and young children on the autism spectrum in the fields of therapy and education.
Since 2006, I have specialised exclusively in a range of early intervention techniques, studying and working in various therapy centres in the UK, in Israel and in Switzerland.
Between 2010 and 2020 I joined the exciting new venture of setting up the FIAS-Therapy-Centre for Early Intervention in Autism at the University Psychiatric Clinic (UPK) in Basel, Switzerland.
In 2021 I founded my own consultancy per:spectrum and started working in private practice. I offer training, advice and supervision to clinicians, teachers and support-workers in different educational and therapeutic ASD-early-years-settings.

My main area of specialism lies in facilitating interactional play with young children on the autism spectrum and in working with the underlying processes of affect-regulation within the therapeutic relationship.

I am also passionate about video work and offer training to mental health professionals, who wish to integrate video intervention therapy techniques in their clinical practice.

Individual family consultations complement my online services and are available to all parents and caregivers of young children on the autism spectrum.

endorsements & references

Dr. Hanna A. Alonim

Expert in Infant Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Mifne Center

Early Intervention in the Treatment of Autism for the Infant and the Family
Rosh Pinna, Israel

In 2009, at a meeting we held in Switzerland to select therapists, a young man, who came from England, stood out. Something in his eyes revealed Live Company. Of course, he was chosen to undergo training at the Mifne Center in Israel and later in Switzerland.
The processes that Nicolas has gone through in the years since, both personal, and professional, are most impressive.
The art of therapy is examined, among other things, by the therapists’ ability to apply theory into practice, within his own family as well. The journey that Nicolas recently undertook together with his family is admirable!
I have no doubt that his analytical therapeutic capabilities, his observation skills and insightfulness will support anyone who needs it!
The bond that has been formed between him and me is precious to me and reaches across continents.

Prof. em. Dr. Klaus Schmeck

 University of Basel Switzerland

With his professional consultancy per:spectrum, Nicolas Krueckeberg combines three central aspects in a remarkable way:

  • an excellent clinical expertise in working with children on the autism spectrum and their families
  • a pronounced humanistic attitude, evident in all his services, and
  • a very innovative approach, that uses current advances in technology to make his services widely available, which also contributes to an overall parity in the accessibility of healthcare provisions.

Based on these foundations, Nicolas Krückeberg will lead per:spectrum to success.

Dr. George Downing 

International Institute of Video Intervention Therapy
 Paris, France

"Nicolas Krückeberg knows a great deal about autism. He has had years of experience dealing with families with autistic children. 
Other professionals and families can certainly profit from his admirable expertise."

further endorsements and feedbacks

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Als Kinderarzt habe ich Nicolas Krückeberg als sehr kompetenten Begleiter von meinen Patienten kennengelernt, die im Rahmen des Zentrums FIAS für autistische Kinder behandelt wurden. Er hat dies sowohl in physischen Besprechungen wie auch online mit den Familien durchgeführt. Er hat den Familien und dem betreuenden Team die ASS-spezifischen Eigenheiten der Kinder erklärt und konkrete Handlungsanleitungen vorgeschlagen. Das war sehr hilfreich.


Alain Wimmersberger,, Kinderarzt im Ruhezustand, CH-3930 Visp 

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